ESC Course Description

Following is a general description of Elite Sports Conditioning (ESC) program designed and developed by Master Hartoonian of LPTKD ( Master Hartoonian holds a 5th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and has been training and learning about fitness, conditioning, and various forms of martial arts since 1982. He has designed the ESC program to assist athletes of all ages to develop and maintain strength, speed, and flexibility.

ESC Philosophy: The general principal that guides continuous development of ESC can be summarized in one word, KISMIF (Keep It Simple and Make It Fun). Training exercises are designed to avoid complex movements that create distractions. Students are encouraged to work on fundamentals and do few things well, instead of doing many things poorly.

ESC Program: ESC is a 12 week course (See Course description page for details)

  • Preparatory Phase
  • Intermediate Phase
  • Intensification Phase

Preparatory Phase: This is the time that exercises and scientific concepts are introduced to athletes allowing them to familiarize themselves to theories and techniques. This phase is typically two to three weeks long, but it is dependent on the individuals and their ability to master safe and efficient techniques on all exercises.

Intermediate Phase: This phase is aimed at developing muscle strength and propriception. Specific muscle groups such as hip flexors, quadriceps, abductors, adductors, and hamstrings are targeted during this phase of the training program. This phase lasts 3-4 weeks, and is designed to develop strength without adding bulk. By using very specific exercises combined with low repetitions, high tension, and proper breathing techniques athletes develop “strength” needed to improve their vertical jump and running speed.

Intensification Phase: This phase is primarily aimed at the activation of the neural system and working the muscles in conjunction with the nervous system to develop explosive power. Specific plyometric exercises are used to enhance and build on the previous phase. In addition to plyometrics, a very unique interval training system is used to develop endurance and general conditioning.

Enter the “Secret Weapon”: Flexibility is one of the key aspects of any athletic performance. Having flexible and strong muscles decreases chances of injury, results in less fatigue, and supercharges any movement. 20 to 30 minutes of each training session is dedicated to series of very unique stretching exercises called The Meridian Resistance Stretching (MRS), our Secret Weapon! MSR is an exceptionally effective stretching technique used by Olympians like Dara Torres, the five time Olympic gold medalist.

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